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The restaurant in Wlokniarz** Hotel is an ideal place for business meetings and family-events, but also for a romantic dinner with candle light. We can afford up to 40 people.

This is one and only restaurant in our city open from 6.30 am early in the morning. Our crew prepare for you and all our guests delicious, hearty breakfasts as buffet. Breakfast starts at 6.30 am. and ends at 10.00 am. WELCOME!

Tradition and taste of Polish cuisine made the menu, while pure love to Mediterranean cuisine inspired us to serve food from sunny Italy, hot Greece and dancing Spain! You will be tasting fish, seafood, quality of lettuce, fresh vegetables and sauces based on olive and yogurt.

Trying to meet the expectations of our guests, we organise themed events with unique, regional cuisine and music! such as Italian Night, Spanish Night, New Year’s Eve ball, carnival ball etc.

Also, we provide you with delicious catering for events and meetings outside the hotel.

WELCOME – WE ARE OPEN DAILY from 6.30 am. until 10.00 pm.

Mobile: +48 667 99 36 74